1. Where are the Bathrooms?

I would be happy to walk you there.

2. Which Pastor is really in charge?

Our pastors are part of a pastoral team. Each oversee a different area. The best way to learn about this is to come to Get Connected. We have one coming up soon. Can I help you get registered?

3. How can I register for ...?

I would be happy to show you.

4I would like to talk to Pastor.....

Can you tell me what your need is and I can determine the best way to direct you? (Provide a business card so they can send an email.)

5. How do I access last week's message?

I would love to show you how to do that. Do you have a second for me to walk you through it on my tablet? Simply access the WFC website, click on the "Watch" tab at the top, then select the message you want to watch.

6. Where can I get a cup of coffee?

Let me show you. Coffee is on us today.

7. Where do my kids go?

Let me walk you over and introduce you to my friends at the New Family Area. They are the experts on this. Once they help you if there is anything else you need please come find me.

8. When is construction supposed to be done?

The plan is for construction to be done in September. There is going to be a lot more room. Have you thought about who you could invite?

9. What makes Westside different from the church I grew up in?

Get Connected is a great starting point to find out what makes Westside unique. Let's get you signed up!

10.  Where do I drop off my One Life letter for my sponsored child?

There is a basket at the South end of the counter along the One Life wall in the commons.