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Calling all Group Leaders!  All LifeGroup, LifeStudy, LifeLine, Fireside, If, Moms Together and Alpha Group leaders are encouraged to boldly celebrate God’s work in and through our groups. Gather up to four of your group members and come be inspired and encouraged. Don't miss out on a new tool that can take your group’s joy and meaning to the next level as well as some incredible prizes being given away! 

Sunday, November 5 | 12:15-2pm

Lunch and childcare is available with registration by October 22.


Winning With Accountability by Brian Phipps

Spiritual development requires honest and helpful accountability. Most of us, however, have difficulty developing this vulnerable spiritual habit. Pride, guilt, and shame, accompanied by our tendency to avoid conflict, inhibit our ability to develop meaningful accountability.

Like anything else of great value, accountability is worth the effort required to develop it. I believe a redefining of accountability, along with the explanation of an accountability conversation, will help you experience significant life change.




We were not made to walk through this life alone.  We were made to journey with others.  In fact, we are better together!  LifeGroups are inspiring gatherings of 3-12 people meeting regularly in homes, other locations, or online.  They hang out, learn about God together and share about their lives.  We encourage you to Group Up with those around you!

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Content-focused, classroom-type gatherings often held on a Westside campus, providing biblical truth with an emphasis on life-application. 

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Support and accountability in addressing addictions and emotional, behavioral and spiritual challenges.