Winning With Accountability by Brian Phipps

Spiritual development requires honest and helpful accountability. Most of us, however, have difficulty developing this vulnerable spiritual habit. Pride, guilt, and shame, accompanied by our tendency to avoid conflict, inhibit our ability to develop meaningful accountability.

Like anything else of great value, accountability is worth the effort required to develop it. I believe a redefining of accountability, along with the explanation of an accountability conversation, will help you experience significant life change.


You Can Develop a Leader In Your Small Group! By Brian Phipps 

Developing A Leader Isn’t An Option

Moses, one of God’s champion leaders, prioritized the development of leaders. That priority was significant for the young nation of Israel, as Moses died just before leading them into the promised land. Moses’ investment into developing Joshua as a leader was a key component of Israel’s success.

Like Moses, Small Group leaders cannot lead their groups forever; Careers cause leaders to relocate. Illnesses and injuries regularly limit leaders’ participation. Children’s sports often cause cancellations. Life happens! Often, the consequence of these interruptions is the hindering of the group’s spiritual growth. Small Group leaders can avoid these consequences by following Moses’ example and developing new leaders.


Don’t Change My Small Group! By Brian Phipps 

People who love their small group want that group to stay the same forever. 

This is true for long-time, mission-minded followers of Jesus just as much as it is for people who are experiencing the power of group for the first time. I was reminded of this last week when one of the most mission-minded women in our church shared her “sneaky plans” to extend the leadership development group she is in. She loves her group! She doesn’t want it to end.

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We were not made to walk through this life alone.  We were made to journey with others.  In fact, we are better together!  Check out one of Westside's many LifeGroups, LifeStudies, or LifeLines.

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