Disciples are not people who never doubt. They doubt and worship. They doubt and serve. They doubt and help each other with their doubts. To be a community where everybody can be open about their faith and open about their doubts is  a great gift! That’s what we’re intentionally leaning into together this summer.

We’ll be exploring the important role of doubt in our individual and community development. The goal is humility more than certainty; inquiry—not inquisition. We’re inviting you to embrace doubt as a necessary companion and explore how to travel through doubt with both  intellectual rigor and an open heart to Jesus. We will explore some of the significant intellectual barriers people of genuine faith experience through the 5-week lecture series.

We’re not going to try to duck the tough questions. Be ready to engage heart and mind…and invite a friend who may be dealing with the same intellectual barriers to First Love.

Pastor Rob will host a Facebook Live interview with Joshua Stewart, the Activism Director for the Kansas City Atheist Coalition. They will explore Josh’s worldview and the events that have led him to come out on the unbelief side of the same questions we all face when we engage our hearts and minds. Be sure to hit Westside’s Facebook page for the Live interview.