Westside embraces you wherever you are in your spiritual journey—none of us has arrived—we’re all learning! Westside’s unique Next Steps growth process provides you powerful, customized learning experiences to help you grow spiritually. Don’t put off your spiritual growth any longer—this guide will help determine which step is right for you.

Start at the Seeker step and complete each learning experience. When you have mastered each, move to the Next Step. 

I am exploring the claims of Jesus by: 

  • Faithfully attending weekly worship services
  • Completing a 90-minute GET CONNECTED Orientation (Your FIRST step)
  • Surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus and being BAPTIZED

I am pursuing a love relationship with Jesus by:

I am becoming more like Jesus by: 

  • Reading and obeying the Bible's teachings daily
  • Giving generously, regularly, proportionally and sacrificially. 
  • Serving God regularly in a ministry, group or mission
  • Developing my character and calling through mentoring and relationships (Followers Made)

I am sharing Jesus with others by:

  • Leading or co-leading in a ministry, group or mission
  • Optimizing my character and calling through mentoring relationships (Leaders Made)
  • Leading others to discover their Jesus-centered life mission.