Westside is in an exciting season

as we pray and search to identify and call our next Lead Teaching Pastor. Pastor Dan Southerland will continue to serve in this position until our leadership and Westside congregation calls a new Lead Teaching Pastor, then Dan will step into his new season of championing church planting in Kansas City.

Because of the importance and visibility of this key pastoral role, we have engaged a Search Team as well as professional search firm Vanderbloemen Search Group to help us identify the person God is calling. While our search has commenced in earnest, our team is committed to take the time we need to ensure confidence in our next Lead Teaching Pastor’s Godly character, giftedness fit, and calling to Westside. Our search will start and end with continuous prayer covering.

  • Dan Southerland LTP transition announcement | May | COMPLETED
  • Church Search Team elected, Vanderbloemen Search Group selected | May | COMPLETED
  • Search firm On-site Visit | June | COMPLETED
  • Search assessments completed, national search goes public | July | COMPLETED
  • Short list of highly qualified candidates presented | August | COMPLETED
  • Candidate interviews & on-site visits | COMPLETED
  • Finalist identified, comprehensive vetting, including 3 on-site visits | Sept | COMPLETED
  • Nominee finalist Randy Frazee unanimously recommended by Search Team | Nov | COMPLETED
  • Nominee finalist Randy Frazee unanimously recommended by the Pastoral Elder Team | Dec | COMPLETED
  • Nominee Randy Frazee’s introduction to the Westside congregation | Dec | COMPLETED
  • Congregation provided Randy’s introduction, bio, web updates, teaching videos, progress reports | Jan 2018 | COMPLETED
  • Randy’s 4th visit, preaching and congregational affirmation vote | February 4


A Pastor with strong, proven gifts, and passion to shepherd and teach.


A person with Christ-like character, and who is living out the biblical pastoral standards to walk with God above reproach.


A Pastor who beautifully fits Westside’s uniquely warm, welcoming, energized, innovative, joyful, and Jesus-centered culture.


Someone possessing the unique gift set and experience required for this role, who we prayerfully determine has been clearly called to Westside, and who likewise hears this mutual call from God.


+ How can I contribute to this effort?

Our most important job as leaders, Search Team members, and congregation will be to pray for God’s guidance. Please join us in praying for:

  • God’s clear hand on the entire search and selection process
  • Graciously preparing the future Pastor and his family for a call to Westside
  • Praying for our staff and congregation’s unity, patience, and discernment
  • The God will be glorified, and Westside will thrive throughout this process

+ Who will be involved in selecting our next LTP?

Our Pastoral-Elder team, in partnership with our Pastor’s Advisory Team (PAT), and with the assistance of our LTP Search Team and Vanderbloemen Search Group, will prayerfully consider candidates, and present a recommended LTP to our congregation for affirmation.

+ Who is on our LTP Search Team, and what is their role?

Our Search Team includes church members, staff, and PAT, and Deacons: Scott Mach, Kim Perkins, Tom Johnson, Kassi Fuhrman, Troy Kennedy, Amy Schwindt, and is led by Pastor Dan Chaverin This team’s role is the facilitate the search through a) Prayer, b) Administration, c) Communication, d) Recommendation.

+ Why have we engaged a professional search firm?

There are 365,000 Protestant churches in America. With 5000 in weekly attendance, Westside is very unique as being within the top .1% (400) largest churches in America. Vanderbloemen Search Group has deep experience and an extensive national network, and specializes in placing national-caliber Pastors in large churches like Westside.

+ How long will this search take?

It’s hard to tell. We have moved swiftly to assess our needs for this position, select our LTP Search Team, engage Vanderbloemen Search Group, and start the process. It will take several months for a first set of potential candidates to identified, vetted, and presented. The team will prayerfully determine which of these we will interview. It will take time for visits and interviews and more comprehensive conversations to be conducted to evaluate fit. We will present a recommendation to the congregation only after there is a solid, prayerful consensus of our final candidate’s call to Westside. We will work efficiently, but will not rush this process.

+ Will the Westside Congregation have a say in selecting our next Lead Teaching Pastor?

Absolutely. Once Westside’s leadership has completed months of comprehensive searching, vetting, interviewing, and prayerful consideration, and we are confident of a candidate’s call to Westside, we will introduce the recommended candidate to the congregation over a period of time, then ask for congregational affirmation at a church business meeting.

+ What will Westside do during this transition?

We will go full speed ahead to passionately accomplish our mission of Loving Jesus, Becoming Like Jesus, and Sharing Jesus. Our Kids, Student, and discipleship programs will continue to equip, our weekend Worship celebrations will continue to encourage and teach, and the many ways we share God’s love in our community and world will continue to bless thousands. We are confident that God is working powerfully in our church family, so keep praying, serving, loving, and glorifying Jesus!