Welcome, Randy & Rozanne Frazee! 

Over 10 months our comprehensive national search has been led by our elected Search Team, our Pastoral-Elders, and PAT, with the help of professional search firm Vanderbloemen Search Group. We have vetted scores of candidates looking for godly character, giftedness fit, and a clear, prayerful calling to Westside.

Westside’s leadership and congregation have enthusiastically and unanimously called Randy Frazee as our new Lead Teaching Pastor. We thank God for answering our prayers for our next season, and we warmly welcome Randy and Rozanne to our church family!

We invite you to check out much more about Randy on these pages. 

Timeline & What's Next

  • Dan Southerland LTP transition announcement | May | COMPLETED
  • Church Search Team elected, Vanderbloemen Search Group selected | May | COMPLETED
  • Search firm On-site Visit | June | COMPLETED
  • Search assessments completed, national search goes public | July | COMPLETED
  • Short list of highly qualified candidates presented | August | COMPLETED
  • Candidate interviews & on-site visits | COMPLETED
  • Finalist identified, comprehensive vetting, including 3 on-site visits | Sept | COMPLETED
  • Nominee finalist Randy Frazee unanimously recommended by Search Team | Nov | COMPLETED
  • Nominee finalist Randy Frazee unanimously recommended by the Pastoral Elder Team | Dec | COMPLETED
  • Nominee Randy Frazee’s introduction to the Westside congregation | Dec | COMPLETED
  • Congregation provided Randy’s introduction, bio, web updates, teaching videos, progress reports | Jan 2018 | COMPLETED
  • Randy’s 4th visit, preaching and congregational affirmation vote | COMPLETED
  • Randy’s arrival weekend at Westside: Palm Sunday March 25.
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