We will discover the core teachings of scripture that have unified Christ followers for over 2000 years. Through personal reading, LifeGroups, family engagement, and Sunday messages we will explore 10 key beliefs, 10 key practices and 10 key virtues that help us think, act and be more like Jesus.

This is an all-church and whole-family experience with resources for adults, students, kids—and even babies.


  • Catch the whole BELIEVE vision from Pastor Randy Frazee

  • Pick up your whole family's BELIEVE resources

  • That Sunday only—get your very cool FREE BELIEVE t-shirt!


You were created with an intentional design limitation. You self-activate for entertainment or pleasure, but you do not self-activate for growth. God created you intentionally to need others  because you cannot grow apart from community. Because we are better together, we are launching 300 new Believe LifeGroups this fall and we are making it easy for you to start your own group where you live, work or play.

You can do this, we can help!

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Westside is a family and when you’re part of a family, you show up to help. Since we will be welcoming more people than ever through our doors, you are important in our mission of changing lives and engaging our world in a purposeful and fruitful way. 

This is a perfect time to begin serving because you will be totally suited up with your BELIEVE experience to apply what you are learning to bless and serve others.

Engage in Serving Event | August 26

Stick around after service and meet members of different  ministry teams to find your best opportunity to serve. 
No need to register, just show up. 

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There’s nothing that you care about more than your kids. You are the very best spiritual champion for your kids—and our Kids and Student Ministry teams are here to help you.

BELIEVE will enable you to be the spiritual leaders of your family that God intends you to be. 

  • Take time each week  to read the age-appropriate BELIEVE books with your kids. 

  • Don't forget to spend time praying together. Just thank God for the ways He has blessed your family and reflect on what you've learned. 

  • Making participation in church and LifeGroups  a priority for your family will nurture your faith, help build relationships, and reinforce beliefs, practices and virtues you are learning through BELIEVE.

  • Commit the 30 key ideas and verses to memory. You will plant the core truths of the Bible in your hearts which will lead you and your kids to be more like Jesus every day. 

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If you’ve been impacted by what God is doing through the BELIEVE journey, we’d love to hear from you. These stories are incredibly encouraging to both our staff and our church family.

You could start with,  “I’ve discovered that I do not BELIEVE….” or “Now, I truly BELIEVE…. “  Just hit the 'Tell Your Story' button to get started. 

We can't wait to celebrate with you! 

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