A letter from Brian Phipps

(From Pastor Brian)
Dear Westside Family,

In 2009 I received an invitation that changed my life… an invitation to join the pastor team at Westside Family Church. This invitation scared me to death. I had never been part of a church this size before. Carol & I knew God was asking us to leave the church we started, and deeply loved, to join this wonderful family. We had no idea, however, that God’s broader plan in bringing us to Westside was to plant a disciple-making vision. 

In January of 2011, I started discipling eleven men through a quickly thrown-together plan I called Disciples Made. Since that time, over 800 Westsiders and 1000+ people outside of Westside have developed their character and calling through that process. 

In December of 2015, God crystalized a disciple-making vision in my mind and heart that I simply cannot shake… a vision to catalyze 50 Disciple-Making movements in Kansas City by 2025, which will extend to 50 cities with 50 Disciple-Making Movements  by 2040. This is the plan God has given me to help bring Jesus’ love and peace to the world. I have been sharing that vision and coaching other disciple-making leaders in Kansas City since then, and we are on target to accomplish it. When this 50/50 vision is realized, over 900,000 people will have developed their character and calling. To really get this accomplished, however, I need more time to do it.

Last November I started a conversation with Dan Chaverin about my growing desire to pursue that 50/50 vision on a full-time basis through Disciples Made, which is now a 501c3 ministry. I had a similar conversation with Randy Frazee during his interview process. Westside’s leadership has responded in the most generous way… by providing substantive support to me, my family, and Disciples Made as we launch out on this new venture. 

I am once again both excited and scared. I am grateful, however, that our sadness will not be compounded by a relocation. Our family will remain in Shawnee, allowing us to keep enjoying the relationships that have become so dear to us over the last 8.5 years. More than this, however, I am thrilled to have Westside’s support in this effort. The Disciples Made vision was birthed here, and now the legacy of this vision will forever be a part of the Westside Story.

I believe this is how God would want it to be.

With this in mind, I will be finishing up my time on staff at Westside on June 30th. Being your Next Steps pastor has been one of the most meaningful and catalytic experiences of my life. I am a very different man and leader because of my time on this team. Carol, Hannah, Sam, Caleb, and I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for allowing us to journey with you these last 8.5 years. We look forward to laboring alongside of you as we continue to lead the world to love Jesus, become like Jesus, and share Jesus.

Brian Phipps